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How can it be?  Holly is one year old.  How does that happen – for a puppy to grow up so fast and become a young adult dog?   I’m first to admit there has been plenty of frustrating moments and chaotic times but in looking back even those bring me to smiling.  Holly loves having joy in her life and will try to extend those moments in her day as long as possible.  By doing so, she has been the main reason the past year has flown by for me.  I’ve watched her chase leaves through the air, catch snowflakes on her tongue and entice anyone and everyone on the opposite side of the fence to throw a ball for her.  She is the reason my slippers are kept on a shelf, my closet door is kept closed and the dish cloth rests on far back corner of the sink.  She is also the reason my Fitbit congratulates me for reaching my step goals almost every day; and why I only have room for one passenger in my Ford Escape.   As evident by this blog, Holly & I have had a busy year.  Somehow my life has more joy and purpose having this sweet dog wake up each morning and look at me with wonderment about what adventures are coming up, once the morning cup of coffee is finished.  Let’s see what being 1 year old is like!  Stay tuned!

Holly celebrated with Keltie and Rainie and Gracie today by having a round of Pup Cups!  We started out with the three pups – and I don’t know if I have ever seen three tongues lick so quickly and in such uniform fashion!  Gracie joined in just as the 3 of them were finishing, but still in time to lick some whip cream from my finger. Holly got a new ball, a stuffed frog, a raised dog bowl stand and a bag of tasty treats.  She carried her wrapped gift (frog) around and around and around until Keltie jumped in and demanded the paper wrapper be pulled off.  Holly also sported a new collar today – one decorated with holly!  And the holiday accessories have come out with her being such a sport to wear a bowtie and Santa hat for a photo shoot.

Holly finished her birthday by attending dog class in the evening.  No get-out-of-school passes on your birthday!  She must be feeling her age, she’s curled in a ball sound asleep on the rug – dreaming about what is to come in her next year!