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Holly turned 10 months old this week-end!  She spent her birthday taking a road trip with Rainie & Keltie (and DeeAnn & I) to Rogers, MN to watch DeeAnn’s great nephew (Maverick) play football.  Her excitement was over the top at first but with repeated reminders and corrections, she did settle in.  It was one of her greatest challenges yet – to be outdoors surrounded by young kids who were running and playing, with a ball!  Plus having Keltie and Rainie nearby added to her frenzy.  I was prepared to take her to the car due to unruliness and causing too much disruption to the spectators but I didn’t need to follow through with the plan.  She settled in relatively quick and people were receptive to her being there.  We had our chairs parked behind Maverick’s team bench and at one point we had a few football players surrounding Holly, Keltie & Rainie taking turns petting them.  I was waiting for the coach to either ask us to move further away or to tell his young players to pay attention to the game, but neither happened.  I guess it was understood that kids and puppies are often inseparable. 

On Friday, Holly had a K-Pup day where she was able to be with Kooper in the morning, Keltie mid-afternoon and then Kooper again late afternoon.  Kooper & Holly rode with me for an errand run in the morning. There is heavy road construction happening around my home forcing me to take an out-of-ordinary route to the house.  I swear the two of them were on the verge of panic when I approached the Road Closed sign and turned in a different direction.  I named them My Google Maps after seeing their intent concentration on the road and the route I was taking them on.  Life was good again when they saw the big door go up and saw that I was pulling into the familiar garage.

10 months old and – all about play and games, a ball dog, not a big eater, a gentle playmate with Keltie, a rowdy playmate with Kooper, a good car rider, a puller that is learning not to be, a gentle cat chaser, a pup-cup lover, a Home Depot shopper and a back seat driver!  She’s brought so much to my world in the quick and short eight months that I’ve had her.  I can’t imagine life without her.