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Holly is 11 months old today!  It was another beautiful day so we started it out with a morning walk at Forest Hills cemetery. Later in the day her party started with a visit from DeeAnn, Rainie & Keltie.   Rainie has a sore leg and is on limited duty.  Keltie however is not!  When the game of chase is on, Holly cannot catch little Keltie who is twisting and turning, zigging and zagging, all on a radius the size of a dime. Eventually the game of chase turns into a rest period then generally the wrestling begins.  This is when DeeAnn and I tend to rescue Holly because Keltie is gripping her sharp little teeth into Holly’s ear, hanging on while Holly tries to cause separation.  I can watch it for a bit but if I hear Holly whimper, I can’t help myself and create some sort of interference so the puppy lets go.  We are trying to get Holly to be more assertive with Keltie, unsuccessfully.  Those of you who knew my prior golden, Boden, have to be chuckling.  We all know there would not be a puppy hanging off of Boden’s ear.

After supper, Holly Dolly  & I took a drive up to Chilly Billy’s for a birthday treat.  I sent the picture to Lana who spotted and asked about Holly’s sour face.  I was struggling with my phone to capture the 11 month old ice cream moment and ended up getting a fine shot of the ceiling in the car.  When I pulled the dish of ice cream away and tried to recreate the moment, Holly’s mood changed dramatically.  She’s all about the moment, and there are some that are not meant to be missed or asked to recreate upon request.  A purist.