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Holly was 15 months old on March 1!   The months keep flying by.   We took a trip to PetSmart and picked out a new toy – a fish, marketed as being indestructable.  The fin has been chewed off.   There are signs of Holly maturing, there are signs of her not.  I’m not sure which I prefer!

Helen has been staying at the house recently, much to Holly’s (and my) delight!  Holly is trying so hard to impress and persuade Helen to play but with minimal success.  She has been successful though with Helen laying next to her and appreciating some quiet time side by side.  This has been good for Holly, learning how to be slow and calm with another dog and content with just hanging out without full force and intense playfulness.

Snow continues to fall this winter season in Duluth.  We are on pace to have a 100 inch season.  Holly is loving it.  On our walks, she chooses not to walk on the trail but instead in the snow banks, bounding and leaping and occasionally going into a deep dive and slide through the snow.   Her love for the snow helps keep me lighthearted about this challenging winter.  A much needed gift from her, one of many!