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Today I had a milestone birthday and celebrated it with DeeAnn, Rainie and Holly in Hayward, Wisconsin.   Our cabin was an adorable cozy cabin sitting near the edge of a river.  We settled into the cabin quickly and kept cool in the air conditioned unit.  Holly was in her heaven with all the pine cones and sticks but her interest faded with the saturation.  She amazed me with her relative calmess around and within the cabin.  She treated respectfully and as if it was a large dog house. 

 To our liking, Hayward is a dog-friendly town and we took full advantage of it!  Holly and Rainie joined us on the outdoor patio for lunch at the Flat Creek Lodge where we both had an awesome fish sandwich.  Later in the day the dogs joined us on the course for a rousing game of miniature golf.  Holly made it more rousing than we liked at times.  She was determined to chase and catch the golf balls and her determined pulling nearly allowed her to succeed.  At each hole there was a platform & post used by most people as a desk to write down your score.  We used it as a hitching post to wrap my naughty girl’s leash around for added support in holding her back.  Fortunately the course was not busy but we did get a few peoples attention and saw their grins as we fumbled our way through holding Holly back, carrying golf clubs & balls along with a scorecard and small pencil.  Rainie simply followed us around, dragging her leash and finding a shady spot to sit and wait for the commotion to end. 

The Hayward Beach was nearby, which the dogs loved.  Holly had opportunity to do some more ‘swimming’, still the high splashing stride but it keeps her on top of the water! 

We visited a coffee shop and enjoyed our coffee outside with the car parked nearby, windows down.  Both Rainie & Holly were not shy about making themselves noticeable to coffee shop patrons.  They did very little barking but would stand-up and occasionally place their head out of the window.  It was entertaining to hear the comments from folks, some stopping and asking if they could pet and/or feed them.  The coffee shop owner came out with turkey for each of them creating a new standard of expectations when we went to the ice cream shop! 

I wish I had gotten video of DeeAnn trying to teach Holly how to ‘lick’ an ice cream cone.  The closer the cone came to Holly, the wider her mouth opened for a big bite.  DeeAnn would pull the ice cream back with ‘no, lick it’; Holly would close her mouth and sadden her eyes.  Then the process would repeat itself.   Rainie happily gave Holly a demo on how to lick a cone.  It took awhile but Holly did lick the ice cream without biting the whole scoop off the cone.  That had DeeAnn and I shouting cheers of ‘good lick’, which brought a few stares from those meandering nearby on the sidewalk and street.

It was a great adventure for this 65 year old as well as the 7 1/2 month old puppy.  I thank DeeAnn from the bottom of my heart for the arrangements and all the gifts and treats!   And Holly thanks her for all the training lessons, and ice cream.