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Holly is 18 months old today! What better way to spend it than at the cabin taking a pontoon ride!  This was after having time to play in the yard and swim in the lake with all her friends.  Holly & Keltie have a tag team approach to retrieving a thrown stick.  Holly swims out to get it; Keltie waits for her to return and takes it from her mouth to bring it back to me, or atleast somewhat near me.  I start the play period with four good sticks and toss & take until they are nowhere to be found.

All the fun tired Holly out and even with an afternoon nap, she was not in the mood for school this evening.  She was lagging so much during the heal exercise that the instructor asked me what was wrong with her.  I explained she was tired – too much fun in the sun today!  Holly had the whole class chuckling at one point when we were practicing long sits and downs.  Holly refused to get back up from her down position, laying there like a sack of potatoes, forcing me to tug and lift as if she was one.  She was totally spent.

18 month old’s need their rest!  After all, 18 months is only 6 months away from the magical 2 year old mark – when maturity and calmness is said to set in!   Stay tuned.