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Holly became a lady today (as DeeAnn would say).   She started her first cycle of being in heat. I’ve been waiting for this since she turned 6 months old but somehow even with 3 months to prepare, it is still a surprise and an emotional jolt.  My little puppy has grown up.   She is spotting some but not a significant amount, yet.  I went to CVS and studied the variations of adult diapers, deciding on Depends, size M.  I’m pleased with the choice.  They stay on snug, are easy for Holly to ‘step’ into,  and are easilty adaptable for her tail.

The first round of putting them on brought some wags and wiggles from Holly but eventually she was well fitted and was understanding she is not to take them off. I love watching her diapered butt wiggle when she trots with them on!  Now if they made them in a golden color, Holly would be all set!  Though I doubt anyone will make a diaper in a golden tint.

Holly had a good week leading up to her hallmark day.  She had a trip to the cabin for more water time, another day her cousin Kooper came to visit and midweek she reverted back to old habits and dug up old roots in the back yard.

And of course, there was dog school on Tuesday night.  Her excitability is under better control while at the dog club.  This hasn’t carried over into normal daily life as of yet. Otherwise while at school we work on our heeling, sits, stay, recall, stand for exam and downs.   There are two more dog training classes and now Holly & I will miss them both due to her being in season.  After puppy class, she was awarded a perfect attendance certificate.   I may have to take her through another round of Beginner’s at a later date so she can get another certificate for perfect attendance!  She won’t mind a bit.