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Summer’s are meant to be busy and filled with fun.  So far, Holly’s has been that.   Kooper came for a two-day stay the morning Justin left.  I do believe that helped distract Holly and spare her a bout of the blues over Justin leaving.  Kooper and Holly played, rested, played, rested – repeatedly. Both settled in for a good night’s rest, Holly on her (my) bed and Kooper on a cushy dog bed right next to my (our) bed.  All was quiet until early morning when everyone awoke and the cycle began all over again.  Following Kooper’s stay, Holly and I had visits from DeeAnn, Rainie & Helen (friend Tessie’s doxie).  It was an adjustment for Holly to go from playing with big strong Kooper to small dainty Helen but with oversight and reminders she did settle in to a level that was comfortable for Helen while they played and for us while we watched.  The three dogs had opportunity to be at the cabin together and took full advanatge of the time and space. Holly’s excitement and exurberence gets the best of her at times but that burns off as she grows accustomed to everyone and everything plus gets fatigued from the exercise and open air. Her near full grown size can mislead me on the stage of life she currently is.  Physically, she is close to being an adult size dog but she is still a puppy.  I was reminded of this in a big way when I watched her as she noticed the pinwheel at the edge of the cabin property.  She circled it, barked at it, charged it and eventually mustered up nerve to go for a smell. Convinced it was harmless, she trotted away, seemingly sheepish that she had been puzzled by it.

Holly had her first pontoon ride!  Helen and Rainie were with, both pros on being in a ponstoon.  Holly was timid and sat back and watched.  Captain DeeAnn did not have to scold her shipmate, Holly.   No high energy, no moving around and repositioning herself, no barking.   She sat nice the whole ride, indeed laid down and slept through half the ride.  Some encouragement was needed to get off the pontoon after it had been parked, mostly due to the gap between pontoon and dock that is scary to step across. 

Holly continues her efforts towards mastering her swimming skills, to no avail as of yet!  She walks in the water, chest height then stops and waits for the floating toy to ride a wave back to her. Her long giraffe neck stretch helps her reach it.   We sometimes see the front legs churning and paddling but the hind legs seem to be clinging to the earth. Once she gets the floatie, she brings it right back to me for another toss as if challenging herself that this time, ‘I’m gonna go get it’!  We know she is close to launching.  Once she does we will be done coaxing her to swim out into the lake and instead coaxing her to come back to shore!

This trip was also Holly’s first overnight at the cabin – actually first overnight anywhere other than home!  She did well.  She was too exhausted to worry about being home sick. There was some early morning wandering and a bit of musical beds during the night – but nothing horribly disruptive.  Once she saw where Rainie was laying, Holly found a spot close by and was content until morning.

Cabin contentment is consuming both her and I this evening.  We are feeling a refreshed tired and an overall sense of calmness.  Holly pulls her toys out and walks away after just a moment of play.  She was in a big lake, played with two other dogs, ate out of a stainless steel bowl, slept in a cabin and rode on a pontoon boat – now, the stuffed toys and tennis balls will have to earn her respect again!