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The snow storm continues.  17 inches is the last I heard.  I’m thinking maybe it will land on 22 inches which would be fitting for today – 02/22/2022!  I happened to glance at my phone at 2:22 and got the ultimate timestamp!  

DeeAnn brought Rainie by this morning to babysit Holly.  I haven’t asked what Rainie’s hourly rate is but she is worth every penny! Holly was crawling out of her skin with wiggles and wags.  Oh my, the love and adoration she has for Rainie is so heartwarming.  They played inside, they played outside, they slept and sometimes they just hung out – and none of us cared that we were in our second day of a major snowstorm. 

Holly is enjoying the deep snow but it is confusing her also. Her routine running paths are drifted over as are the favorite potty pits.  She loves to lunge forward to a point where she feels she can safely make her way back.  She digs, she dives, she rolls and she shakes.  All she knows is winter.  I wonder which season will be her favorite or maybe dogs are so into the moment that every day is their favorite.  Hmmm.