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Two years ago today, DeeAnn & I drove to the Pride of the North Golden Retrievers breeder, Tammy, and picked up a small, curious and mischievous little puppy who was given the name of Holly Dolly.   It was bitter cold that day.  I wrapped her in a blanket and huddled with her in the backseat inside a warm car as we drove home.  She wasn’t too fond of walking on the cold snow but overcame that quite quickly.  Two years!  I remember wondering if I could make it through the puppy years without doing damage, to her or to my own body.  Would I have the stamina, the drive and the long term desire to work with this young soul and keep her challenged and safe until her adult years.  Flipside of this is would Holly’s loving and innocent soul be able to carry me through potty training, chewing stages,  pulling tendencies and the continuous responsibility protecting an energetic dog from misfortune.  Her two year job performance is stellar!  The challenges have been there, but her good natured sweetness has only fueled, not dragged down, the desire and efforts for us to learn and work together towards this human & animal bond that even the best writers struggle with defining.  

Holly and I were thrown a soft curve this past year when Helen became a member of the household.  The transition has gone fairly smooth, the roughest has been for Helen.   My friend, Georgette, summed it up well for me one day when she commented on how Holly is so confident about her place with me that she is not a bit jealous of Helen, just accepts her.  That helped me see Holly & Helen’s relationship in a new light and gave me permission to continue developing my relationship with Holly while in midst of establishing another with Helen.  Those two have figured out their roles and rapport with each other and it is not snuggle buddies or playmates, but they are housemates and co-horts.  They have learned there is power in numbers.  If four staring eyes are asking to go for a car ride, it is more likely to happen than if only two eyes are involved.  If two dogs are at the door asking to come inside, chances are better that the door opens than if only one.  And so forth.   They tolerate each other well.  It is no secret that Holly would like Helen to be more playful, particularly in a good game of chase.  Helen would like that Holly keep her big paws on the ground and away from her head.  They are establishing ways to get their point across to each other, success hinges on the mood of the day.  It’s best I stay out of it.  

So Holly enters her third year of residency with me!   No regrets.  Only blessings.