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Holly is 20 months old.  For this milestone she got a new dolly – a stuffless golden retriever.  And thus far,  it remains fully intact!  Could it be she is moving past her puppyhood and starting to mature?  There are moments when I think so, then there are the moments when I come from the garage to see Holly doing zoomies around the yard with geraniums dangling from her mouth.  Holly’s not interested in rushing time to go by – something I’m embracing now as well! 

Dog School has started again, this time on Tuesday evenings starting from 8:30 -9:15.  Given this household is often settled in for the night by 8:00, this is going to be a transition for both Holly & I.   The instructor made comment last week on how ‘mellow’ Holly has gotten. I felt compelled to explain her subdued mood was  because it is the end of another full day and school is overlapping with her nightime routine.   She would be a whole new dog if class was at 8:30 a.m. instead of 8:30 p.m.!   With that line of thinking, since maturity is still in development,  I am fine with ‘mellow’ and will find a way to adjust the Tuesday routine to keep attending school in the evening hours.   If you don’t want to rush time, you may need to stretch the day out longer.