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Holly is 21 months old!  That is 3 months away from 24 months old, which is 2 years!  I have not forgotten the comments from very convincing golden owners who have my hopes riding high!  “Goldens take 2 years to calm done, then become the most mild and obedient dog ever.”  They have no idea how much I’ve been playing that over and over again in my head for the past 18 months!

Holly enjoyed time at the lake on her big day!  It’s safe to say, she enjoyed her 21 month birthday!   More playing and swimming, plus a nice relaxing pontoon ride at the end of the day.  Though there was a bath included in her day, made more accepting when all dogs had to go through the sudsing and scrubbing process.

In line with the birthday theme, we took a drive to Lake Vermilion over the week-end to celebrate Lanny’s birthday (Aug 31) and Mary’s birthday (Sept 15).  Lana and Adam, along with Kooper, were there as well.   Lanny & Mary were kind enough to allow our four dogs to be party crashers.   Fortunately the weather was absolutely awesome so after a good round of swimming (mostly done by Helen), all dogs nestled under the shade in their respective corners with the help of a secure tie-out.  Kooper knows the drill and was a gentleman hanging out by his mom’s side.   We were left with some peacefulness to enjoy Mary’s meal, great conversation and birthday celebration.

DeeAnn and I brought the dogs back to Comstock Lake after leaving Lake Vermilion. They had more swim and play time.  When evening came there were some very tired pups in the cabin with us. Noone would have been able to guess we had four dogs in the little cabin, barely a peep from any of them with exception of some deep sighs, shallow snoring and Holly’s dog tag rattling on the cabin floor periodically.

Holly may not be the calm and mild 2 year old dog yet, but she does a good job at loving life – play hard, sleep hard is her motto!  I swear sometimes I look at her when she is in a deep rest and I see her smiling in her sleep.  There is not a time of day that she doesn’t enjoy living her life.

After the week-end we’ve had, I’m on board with that too!