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Holly Dolly is 22 months old today!  What better reason to have a Chilly Billy treat!   And being the mature 22 month old that she is, she respectfully took turns sharing her treat with Helen.

We had a harsh reminder of what is coming in the near future when I turned into Forest Hills late this afternoon for our walk.  The gates were pulled across the entrance with a sign stating Winter Hours 8:00 -4:00.  Winter hours, on October 1.  The marathon has begun.  A gate stops a car, but not a dog mom with two dogs who were told they were going for a walk.  We managed to have a long, lovely walk, just us and the ducks, geese, squirrel, deer and two bicyclists wearing headlamps.  If there were other critters, I didn’t see them nor did I want too.

The walk and birthday treat did the trick because both dogs are contently curled up and sleeping.  22 months means Holly is 2 months from the magical 2 year mark.   For a few moments when I saw her sleeping contently in front of the fireplace  –  having no ball in her mouth and not nudging Gracie to set off a game of chase, I wondered if the 22 month maturity marker was on display.  Having said that however, it is now old news.  Holly is wide eyed, throwing her red ball into my lap, wagging her tail as if the day has just begun.   Maybe it was the sugar she had.