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Holly Dolly is 23 months old today!   That leaves her one more month before her age is recited in years, not months (according to DeeAnn!).  Today, she is 23 months old; in one month she is 2 years old.  I think back to her first year and she was this playful teasing puppy that loved being kept busy.  Now she is in her second year and she is this playful teasing young dog that expects to be kept busy.

On her 23 month birthday, we went for a hike at the (former) Lester Park Golf Course.  The course closed last year and has not been maintained as a golf course.  It feels odd to walk and not care if the dogs trample over the greens or go into what once was meticulously groomed sand traps.  We saw hikers, dog walkers and bikers – no skiiers yet thankfully.  On that note, I see that Holly has her ‘snow nose’ already.  Last winter her nose changed color – a soft brown tone; in spring it changed back to coal black.  This phenomenon, known as snow nose,  doesn’t have a rhyme or reason to it.   At current, her nose is brown.   I could have some bets going next spring and start a ‘nose board’, similar to betting on when the first salty goes through the canal!

It’s not the 1st of the month without a special treat!  So on Holly Dolly’s 23rd birthday month, she got her traditional Chilly Billy.  Helen was fully onboard with this idea and executed some sly muzzle nuzzling to successfully taste today’s special treat.  I treated myself to one as well, and we all sat in the warm car with a blasting heater  enjoying our frozen yogurt!  Snow nose and all!