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It was a Three Dog Day on Wednesday.  I get a kick out of saying that, showing my warped humor coming from the 70’s when I often listened to Three Dog Night. Holly, Rainie and Kooper had a full morning of fun and sun.  Thankfully it was a nice day allowing us to spend the entire morning in the backyard.   There were only brief spurts when the three dogs all played together – it generated too much energy for my comfort level and I didn’t want to have any injuries on my watch.  With having the side pen on the house,  it allowed a rotation system for two to mingle and one to help me put a raised garden bed together.  There were some very tired dogs by mid-day!   Most of the pictures I had of Holly, her eyes were closed.  I think she was grabbing cat naps when she had to sit still, just enough for another burst of playtime.

By mid-afternoon, the cousins had all left.  And it was crash time, in more ways than one.  A storm rolled in just as Lana & Kooper were leaving.   There were a few good claps of thunder and the wind picked up quick.  It was Holly’s first thunderstorm.   She wasn’t impressed.  Interesting enough she ran to the garage steps, maybe because she was closest to them.  She wanted to be inside, wherever inside was.   I called her to the house and she dashed right in.   Lana & I finished our good-byes by the garage and when I went back in the house Holly was fully stretched out on the living room floor, asleep.  In my eyes, that is a good sign she will be able to adjust and manage herself during loud stormy weather.

Holly and I went for a walk to Forest Hills cemetery and after the rain, the footpaths had small streams going down the hill.  It wasn’t too long ago that Holly jerked her foot back after stepping in a puddle and walked around it.  Somewhere in between that day and this, she has decided she loves walking through water.  She waded mid-stream down the entire hill, then at the bottom walked through the small pond developing.  I don’t expect any trouble getting her swimming in the lake likely the bigger problem will be getting her out.

It has been a late spring, but it is still only early May.  Holly is enjoying the change of season so far!  I think it’s going to be a fun summer!