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Rainie turned 11 on November 18, 2023.   She and Helen are only 4 months apart, Rainie the elder.   To celebrate Rainie’s birthday, DeeAnn & I had a nice barbecue dinner.  All the dogs and Gracie were treated with some straight-up whip cream after a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday!  Gracie took hers off the floor.  Helen likes to catch the drip from waist height.  Holly cautiously licks what is being sprayed towards her mouth.  Rainie & Keltie are pro’s at guzzling in rhythm to the squirting.

Rainie may have turned a year older but in the open field she is still the frisbee champion.   Holly is starting to take an interest in catching the frisbee with room for improvement on her timing and eye/mouth coordination! We’ve been taking the dogs to Wade Fields in West Duluth for them to run and play in free-form fashion.  And that they do.  Sprinting, dodging, turning, looping, rolling in the cool grass and some occasional fence sniffing – all within the restraints of a softball field.   We keep wondering if we are going to get reprimanded and kicked out but so far neither the City of Duluth Park Maintenance nor Duluth Police have stopped to say anything, and there have been plenty slowly driving by – apparently enjoying the showmanship of frisbee chasing and happy playing dogs.  We keep our doggie bags on us and are diligent with all pick up, to the point of picking up other poo we come across.  We are trying to keep a good thing going.

It’s not just the dogs that love being on a ball field!   We tend to keep the dogs away from the infield dirt, instead keeping our walks confined to the outfield grass. Both DeeAnn & I played infield positions in our softball days, nonetheless, just being on the field again,  between the lines of  the diamond shaped lay-out, seeing the bases, backstop, lights and dug-outs – it strikes a nostalgia chord in the soul.  Holly’s jubilation and joy when playing and competing amongst her friends doesn’t go unnoticed, indeed it actually resonates deep within me!    The dogs come home content & grateful for the opportunity to play their hardest and do their best.  And in a surreal way,  so do I!