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Holly is 4 Months Old today!  31.5 pounds. 

Any time with Rainie is special so I can say she had a special day.  I’ve learned it’s best that I not mention Rainie’s name until she is here.  I casually said “Rainie will be here this morning’ and Holly was instantly checking the back door, then the front door, then the back door.  I felt bad that I had gotten her so worked up without the reward of Rainie being more immediate. She did survive and she did forgive me once Rainie arrived. 

Needless to say there was a lot of play time today, both indoor and outdoor. 

Holly helped bring in the mail today and was so proud to march around the house holding on to the Taco John flyer.  If I hadn’t already started supper, she may have made a sale!

Tomorrow starts life with a puppy that is 4 months + 1 day old.  Somehow I feel I have earned my first badge.