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This week-end was the Sven Saw Sister Christmas Sleepover at my house.  We started out with five dogs in attendance, Kooper was here until Lana was off work.  The only boy in the group got a lot of attention and was well pampered.  Everyone mentioned his sweetness and what a ‘good boy’ he is.  Being a proud auntie, I agreed and let my head swell up a bit!

Having Kooper here during the day worked out beautifully because Holly & Helen were extra tired by the evening.  All the dogs were so good, we barely knew they were around.  Not to say Holly didn’t get a game of ‘steal the slipper’ in with Kristie and Helen didn’t get an extra dose of loving and lap time.  The evening was filled with happy hour and conversation, a pick up order from the China Cafe (thank you Lana) and a mini-binge of Jack Reacher from Amazon Prime.  Holly & Helen had priviledge of sleeping with Georgette and all seemed to have had a restful night!  The morning was mostly about coffee, conversation and chilly weather.  Even the dogs were content with having a mellow morning.  We had a photo shoot and more conversation about our next Christmas party – in Ely in July!

That short summary doesn’t come anywhere close to describing the coziness and comfort we share when together.  It may describe what we did, but not what we felt.  And that is the beauty of a 35 year old friendship – sharing time is sharing the warmth and security of deep friendships.  That comfort seems to extend to our pets as all four of the dogs and even Gracie shared their time together with calmness and confidence.  The power of friendship and connections is magical, and not exclusive to the human species.

In line with connections, the other day Helen & Holly & I were walking at Forest Hills cemetery as we so often do.  This time I took a moment to take a picture of Holly & Helen with the fresh snow in front of the tombstone of Eleanor (Anderson) & David Bjorkland.  This couple was the original owners of my house.  I came across some of their belongings stored in my attic.  Long story short, I was able to connect with their son who still lived in Duluth and return the found items, most of which included photo albums and Eleanor’s books/journals.   This all happened many years ago but I think of Eleanor frequently and walk by her tombstone often.  With the return of the stored attic items to her family came an unexplained connection between her & I.   I learned that Eleanor passed away at home at a young age from what is described as ‘a sudden stoppage of the heart’. Her son labelled it a broken heart, after the youngest sibling daughter died of rheumatic fever just 6 months prior.  I can’t help but think she left too soon and had unfinished business that needed help in reaching resolution.  I learned Eleanor loved music and animals.  So often when I am playing  music in the house there is a different energy level, an aura of joy that seeps throughout.  So I play music for Eleanor, hoping she likes my genre.  And I watch the dogs & Gracie play and parade throughout the house and have to believe that she is so pleased – her unfinished business is resolved and she is now free to watch the joy of happy dogs (and cat) in her beloved home.  More magical connectivity that is not exclusive to a traditional format.



Do you believe in magic in a young girl’s heart?

How the music can set her free, whenever it starts

And it’s magic, if the music is groovy

It makes you feel happy like an old-time movie

I’ll tell you about the magic, and it’ll free your soul

But its like trying to tell a stranger about rock and roll.