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Holly is 5 Months Old today!  41 pounds.

I’ve been in my home for 21 years.  Beginning in 2003, I have been receiving May Day flowers at my door.  For the first 7 years I was totally baffled.  Everyone I would ‘accuse’ graciously denied and wished it were them being so thoughtful.  Then one day I was chatting with the neighborhood historian, Marie, and she inadvertently let me in on the neighborhood secret.  Neighbor Ramona, at the end of the block, was our May Day fairy.  I could not let my gratitude go unsaid when I knew who was on the giving end, despite the tradition meaning for it to remain secret.  In thanking Ramona, she explained her mother and her had delivered May Day flowers together through her entire childhood and it was important for her to continue the tradition.  I let her know how honored I was to be a chosen household.  At that point, I expected the May Day flower tradition to end.  It did not.  Then the day came when Josh & Ramona & family moved from the neighorhod to Oregon.  In saying good-bye to them, I was certain the May Day tradition would be ending.  It did not.  Somehow and in someway, my generous, thoughtful and tradition-focussed neighbor has continued to leave a beautiful flower arrangement on my doorstep – now going on 19 years.  We exchange Christmas cards and provide updates on our lives.  I try to be creative in how I give my thanks, trying to be sensitive to the anonymous piece of the tradition. But everytime I look on the porch and see the beautiful arrangement of flowers, I think of her and the kindness that fills her soul – and how fortunate I am that we ended up on the same block a few houses apart.  Today was a special day to be on the receiving end of a loving act.  My friend, Deb’s, funeral was yesterday – a lovely service filled with fond memories.  It was a good morning to have my heart warmed.

Holly was leery of the flower arrangement.  She hung back and did her slow crawl towards them, finally figuring out they are harmless.  Then, of course, she wanted to grab them with her mouth.  After a few corrections, she gently approached and sniffed instead of snarfed.  Now she either admires or ignores.   I share them with her as a 5 month old celebration!   I think her preference would be a pile of sticks surrounded with pine cones.

Holly was treated to two walks today, a morning and afternoon.  She had some roaming and running time on her long lead plus found a few snowbanks deep enough to dig and slide into.   On her short leash, I’ve been working with her on ‘no pull’ and ‘stay close’.  For five months old, I think she is doing ok.  To be reassessed at ten months.

It wouldn’t be a birthday without a treat.  We swung into Starbuck’s for the infamous Pup Cup!  I went through the drive thru and when Holly heard the lady’s voice she started barking at the speaker.  In between barks, I told the barista that we better include a Pup Cup.  She agreed by saying ‘I think so’.

Holly also had some time with DeeAnn & Rainie, which is always on the top of her Favorites list.   Holly stands a tad taller than Rainie now and outweighs her by a few pounds.  Rainie has to keep herself centered and grounded to stand up to Holly’s pushing and shoving.  She’s holding her own nicely, a few sharp snaps and timely growls keep Holly respectful. 

A wet and rainy May 1 birthday, but to a 5 month old puppy –  she had a very good day.  She’s content and tired this evening, which makes my evening a very good night!