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Holly turned 6 months old today!    Plus, the sun came out and the temps went up.  It was definitely an ice cream day, and the birthday girl loved every lick of it.  

Holly had a good day mainly because much of it was spent with Rainie.  They were together through the morning and played their hearts out and then some.   Rainie takes control of when and how much they play but does get pulled into it by Holly’s pesistence. 

Both Holly and I had a nice surprise when we got home.  Pat, the snow shoveler now lawn care guy, was mowing my neighbor’s yard.  Pat had helped me out with snow shoveling this winter when I was recovering from my appendectomy.  Holly was about three months old then.  He and Holly had a grand time in the backyard playing in the snow.  And Pat had snowblew an extra path so Holly had a loop to run.  Today, as soon as Holly went through the garage door and into the back yard she made a beeline for the fence.  She, as did I, heard the lawn mower purring in neighbor Dave’s yard.  She’s use to that yard being quiet and empty with exception to a few deer, bunnies or birds that walk through.  Pat shut the mower down instantly and came to the fence to greet her. I do believe Holly remembered him.  It is hard to tell because she tends to greet everyone with the  same level of exurberence.  Pat was all smiles and chatted with me about fifteen minutes, I think so he could pet and play with Holly. 

DeeAnn made an attempt at wingy-wingy with Holly, now the 47 pound 6 month old.  It did not go as smoothly as in the past.  Holly slid and her bottom sank down to the floor.  There was no leg lift for the wingy-wingy, but the arm action and song was still enjoyed. 

With all the play today, both indoor and outdoor, plus a belly filled with ice cream, six month old Holly is a very tired girl this evening.  The big girl had best get her rest, she has a lot more adventures ahead now that summer is here!