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Holly turned 7 months old today!   I don’t have a weight for her because I can’t lift her.

A pup cup was in order followed by a trip to the cabin, her absolute favorite happy place.  Holly is a happy gal but when she is at the cabin her happy is a steady state of joy.

Holly is still not swimming, by choice – periodically there is a slip or a wave that throws her off balance.  She’s learned to wait for the floaty toy to ride the waves and come to her.  She’s quite patient about it, periodicaly though she gives a barking jag to try to hurry the process along.  Unlike at home where she has the humans trained to dig the toy out from the under the couch, the lake has its own pace and she is forced to wait it out.

I bought Holly a new life jacket with the gift card that our dear friends Deb & Steve had provided to her when a puppy.  I wanted to use it for something special. A life preserver seemed pretty special.  I  held out buying the life saving device until she was closer to full grown.  Timing seemed right for her size and her apparent swimming skills.

We’re well into the second half of her first year!  A Keeper, as DeeAnn would say.