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Holly turned 8 months old today!   She got her own ‘Bark Brew’ coffee cup today and right away started with the whip cream, this time chewing it instead of licking.

The kids next door have been gone to their grandparents cabin, due back on Tuesday.  To Holly they have been gone an eternity.  She continues to sit along the fenceline in the morning and stare at the neighbor’s porch.  She will push the ball under the fence and wait, and wait.  It reminds me of the movie, Field of Dreams – ‘if I push the ball into their yard, they will come’.  When they do return, it is going to be one heckuva greeting for them both.  I am eager to hear them call out to her – Hi, Holly Dolly.  Somehow hearing them call her name makes me smile instantly and I have a deep sense of satisfaction knowing Holly has the perfect name for herself. 

Naomi has been helping me with some outside painting projects, today being her third day here.  After one of her workdays, the invoice was left on my back porch only to have Holly steal it, and eat it.  Today Naomi sat down and created the invoice from the back steps with Holly right there waiting for an opportunity to collect another.

Later in the afternoon, DeeAnn & I took Rainie & Holly for a picinic at Chester Bowl.   We sat at a picnic table next to Chester Creek.  This was Holly’s first time wading and running through a running brook filled with slippery rocks and variable depths of water pools.  She was a bit tentative at first but then let loose and was doing an impression of a galloping horse.  If there is water involved, life is good for Holly. 

8 months old with glimpses of maturing, in amongst toy stuffing found on the living room floor and flower petals sprayed throughout the backyard.