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I have my share of bad hair days but I think Holly has me beat with the bad cat day she had today.   We visited with dear friends Deb & Steve and their cat, Tigger.  Just three weeks ago, Tigger & Holly were of similar size and they played on the floor exchanging gentle paw swaps and nuzzles.  Today, Holly charged in near double in size and fully intimidated poor Tigger, sending him hiding behind Steve’s chair.  There was no persuading him to come out for a do-over.  Nonetheless we had a nice visit with Deb & Steve with plenty of head pats, belly rubs and treats involved.  Holly sits square in the middle of the three of us and brings smiles and laughs just by being her cute self.

Holly’s success in swooning cats was also doomed when she got home.  Gracie was hovering at a lower level during the evening, giving Holly a glimpse of hope there would be a play session.  Things didn’t turn out quite that way.  The good news is that Gracie’s swats are with retracted claws landing over an inch shy of contact.  Seeing how she can pounce on a thrown treat with exact precision,  I don’t believe her when she is that bad of an aim with her punches.  Her hissing is enough to put Holly in a stop, drop and roll position which silences Gracie’s hissing and leaves her with this big grin on her face.  Holly was again disappointed and without an interactive play session.  Gracie, however, seemed to have a great amount of fun plus was left basking in the power she had been given.  Given the huge transition Gracie has had since Holly has arrived, I am happy she has some avenue of feeling good about life.