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Holly is 109 days old and this day was one of the happiest.  Being with friends all day long will do that. Rainie and Helen were with her all day, plus Kooper joined the party later in the day.  A true display of diversity and a true testimony on how to get along!  A Border Collie, Dachshund, Chocolate Lab and Golden Retriever – hanging out, enjoying each other’s presence, playing & sharing, teaching & learning, being an idol & idolozing an idol – it was a day packed with good energy.   Holly & Kooper played and played and played.  Toys they never had any interest in before suddenly were a hot item.  Kooper wins the Gentle Giant award. His most aggressive tactic was to lay on top of his toy but Holly would sometimes crack that scheme as well.  They figured it out and were satisfied in the end, both leaving tired but fully content with their friend and friendly play. 

The end of the day provided the added bonus of being with Lana & Adam, as well as A.J. & Madison.  This was Holly’s first visit with A.J. and Madison and she made the most of it! Madison in particular got the ‘golden treatment’.  Holly continues to have a special attraction for young girls, I suspect stemming from her upbringing at the breeder’s home. 

Come bedtime, Holly was somehow able to make her way up the stairs to go to bed.  She’s a bit of a tosser and turner and I found her with her head buried underneath a pillow, body sticking out.  She was clueless and out like a light.  

Her happiest day ever made my day happy too!  I love how that works.