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Holly had another walk in heaven today when Kendra and Brook came to visit her.  Kendra & Brook are the neighbor’s grandkids from South Dakota, in Duluth visiting for the holidays.   I received a text from Grandmother Diane saying the kids are asking if Holly can come outside to play, they had been in town for a few hours and couldn’t wait any longer.  The excitement meter was hard to read, all parties were off the charts – but I think Holly had them both beat.  There was no doubt she remembered who they were and instantly brought a ball to them to resume where they had left off last July when they were last here.  The kids stayed until their father called them back home for lunch.  Holly stood by the fence watching and waiting to see if they might change their mind before she decided to come inside for warmth and food as well.   I suspect we will be seeing more of the kids over the next couple weeks.  

With having snow on the ground and  kids close by, there is no doubt Holly Dolly will have a jolly holiday season.  It’s just that simple!