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Most of Holly’s highlights these past couple days have been with her four legged friends.  She is working so hard to impress Gracie, a pretty hard sell.  I do think though that Gracie is softening a bit.  Many of the chases I see appear to be enticed by Gracie and led through her own planned route.  Gracie lands just out of Holly’s reach but within reach to land her paw on top of Holly’s head.  I have found the two of them face to face more often seemingly negotiating terms.  It leaves me with hope that my two pets will be good buddies.  

Rainie spent the morning with us today and again did an awesome job at babysitting.  It was cleaning day for me so the three pets entertained each other (or not).  Holly has not spent much time in the basement but today she mustered up the courage to go down the scary steps.  Rainie ran down and up, down and up, until Holly followed her.  I had to barracade  both of them on the opposite side of Gracie’s litterbox.  Rainie can be trusted, Holly not so much.  They survived their jail term just fine and both bolted up the steps upon freedom. 

Holly & I visited Deb, Steve & Tigger this afternoon.  Tigger observed from chair height for the first few minutes but then came down to greet the 21 pound Holly.  I sometimes wonder if Tigger recognizes Holly as being the same 7 lb puppy she freely played with about five weeks ago.  It took some restraint but Holly did eventually calm herself down to Tigger’s satisfaction.  They laid near each other and played footsies for awhile.  Of course it was Holly who broke first and ruined the tenderness of the game.  She will learn that to play with cats she has to follow the cat’s rules. 

It’s fun to see Holly making a variety of friends – Rainie, Kooper, Tigger & Gracie – each brings their own reward and purpose to Holly and she seems to be figuring that out.  Friendships are like that!