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Holly’s highlights of the week have required patience, not a bad thing for her.  

On Wednesday, Holly & I took a short walk down to Longview Tennis Club on 3rd Street to watch AJ play tennis.  While we patiently waited and then watched AJ on the tennis court,  we walked around the perimeter of the courts, drew attention from people of all ages, walked calmly by numerous dogs, was gifted with a tennis ball from a young lady athlete and retrieved the ball of one of AJ’s overshot overhead hits!  Holly either walked on a short lead leash or sat near me for about three hours.  I could tell her patience was wearing thin but she kept reeling herself in and hanging in there.  Our walk home was quick with the leash as tight as a guitar string – Holly was ready for some freedom in the back yard!  It might be my imaginaition, but since the tennis match it seems Holly has an added layer of maturity and confidence.  And maybe carries a bit of pride after watching AJ play awesome tennis and win his match! 

Holly & Helen do quite well together and provide what I feel is balance to each other.  Holly’s mission in life is to play every second of her waking day; Helen’s is far more serious and prefers to ponder life more than engage in puppy play.  In Holly’s exurberence, she often gets overly ambitious with her front feet when trying to incite Helen into a play session.  Fearing an injury to Helen, I scold Holly and discourage her front feet from jabbing at Helen.  I’ve been clueless on whether my message has been getting through to her, until one afternoon when I watched their exchange in the living room.  Holly was in play mode, Helen was not.  Holly was circling Helen, keeping her front feet appropriately on the floor.  Then Holly lined up along side Helen and lifted her hind leg and planted it square on top of Helen’s head.   She outsmarted me again!

Friday was a road trip!  DeeAnn & I, along with Rainie, Keltie, Holly & Helen, took a road trip to Eveleth to help with Lana & Adam’s annual rummage sale.  It’s great fun for DeeAnn & I; and a change of routine for the dogs as well an exercise in patience.  The four dogs hang out in the car while we sell merchandise and visit.  Potty breaks and social visits are held periodically.   They don’t seem to mind a bit, so long as they are with their people they are happy campers.  Bonus for Holly was a new bright yellow soccer ball and a new chew toy.  Both are getting a lot of attention in the backyard and/or living room.  It’s always fun to get new things!  We have learned that the energy level of four dogs is not 4 X 1.  The energy magnifies and is exponential.  When all the dogs did get out of the car and into a building, the energy boom caused some damage.  Replacable, no harm – no foul!   Easy come/easy go – isn’t that the destiny of rummage sale profits?