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Holly and I both had the treat of spending time with Lana today.  It was another dreary spring/wintery day, not suitable to our standards for spending time outdoors.  Holly was outnumbered on that idea.  So Lana took on the assignment of tiring Holly out by means of indoor play.   There was some ball play, fetching  from under the couch, squeaky toys, treat sharing, training time, paw shaking, mail delivering and plenty of hugs and lap sitting.  It took a bit but by the end of the day, with help of a brief visit from Kooper, Adam and Cory – Holly was able to settle into a deep state of contentment and reach that peaceful sleep I so love to see, and am so envious of at times! 

I seldom wake up to an alarm anymore but this morning DeeAnn was coming by early to drop off Rainie.  I set my alarm in the event Gracie did not wake me up in time, she has been sleeping in longer with the dreary weather. Well sure enough my alarm goes off and I hear Louis Armstrong singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  It was about on the word ‘rainbow’ that I felt Holly snuggling up the side of me and placing her head on my shoulder, then the thump, thump, thump down by my knees!  It occurred to me this was her first experience waking up to an alarm.  She obviously woke up with a bit of a startle but I was so pleased it put her into snuggle mode, not spiraling into spins and stomps.  We laid there until the song began to repeat itself and I told her it was time to get up, no objections were made. 

Another first experience for both Holly and I occurred at Starbuck’s.  I treated myself to a latte via the drive thru.  The young lady had it ready and pleasantly handed it over at which time backseat sitting Holly, hearing a young girl’s voice,  had her front paws on my shoulder showing the barista her ‘i’m a cute and happy puppy’ face.  It worked perfectly as the lady melted and commented repeatedly about the cute puppy, then asked if she could give her a Pup-Cup.  I had a slight pause but then said yes, thank you.   I’ve very familiar with Pup-Cups at the DQ but not so much at a coffee shop.  When the barista handed me the cup, I was as curious as Holly on its contents.  Whip cream, of course!  I should have known.  Holly did a gentle nose dip until the tastebuds got involved then it was a full thrust nosedive to the bottom of the cup.   I was ill prepared for the chaos and mess.  Fortunately there was an open parking spot for us to coast into and take care of matters.   Thereafter I was grateful my latte had a cover on it.  I suspect for awhile any cup in the car will need to have added oversight.   I shared my story with Lana and apparently I am well out of the loop on Pup-Cups at coffee shops.  Kooper is already well aware and indulges on the treat often, to the point now where he has his own can of whipping cream in the fridg. 

Holly & I have so much to learn yet.