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Last year Holly did not attend the Animal Allies Walk, my choice.   I wasn’t up to the pulling and craziness.  Lana & Kooper, Steve & I all participated at the event.  My goal was for Holly to participate this year.  I still wasn’t up to the pulling and craziness, but I took her anyway.  DeeAnn & Rainie joined us.   Overall, Holly did fairly well.  I gave her a B-.  

Holly charmed quite a few people and got loving from many of them.  She scored big on getting treats – as crazy as she can be at times when she is by a table with a person of authority next to it, she sits at attention and stares the person down anticipating a treat (thank you Home Depot, PetSmart and PetCo!).  She does not willingly move until she has had one.  One booth had a kiddie pool filled with water and small pieces of hot dogs sitting on the bottom.  Objective was for the dog to earn the hot dog treat by willingly putting their nose & mouth in the water to pull it out.  Holly had no reservation at all and managed to suck up about three pieces of hot dogs before I could pull her back out.  Thereafter, she made certain to stop and check every water bowl to look for hot dogs.  

Holly also won the heart of a puppy owner when she went into her Holly Yoga pose, flattening her head to the ground and looking up into the eyes of her 3 month old Aussie named Blue.  Blue clambered on top of Holly’s head and mouth wrestled with her, tail wagging and butt wiggling the whole time.   Blue’s owner was so pleased, stating Blue doesn’t have many dogs in her life that will play with her, not in such a kind way.  It was nice to have someone recognize her kind soul and see passed the wild and hyper energy. 

Holly also had her picture taken with an Animal Allie volunteer group. They were getting organized for their group shot and realized they didn’t have a pet in the photo, so I offered Holly.  They took me up on it.  I’ve not seen the photo, not even sure where to look, plus there is chance they did a retake later – Holly added quite a bit of live action to the group.  The picture likely had a blur gold spot in it. 

Holly came home and shared her treasures with Helen, namely bandana’s and toothbrushes. .  Next year’s goal is for Holly to attend AND walk the walk.  And to get more dog toothbrushes!  I’ve got a year.