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Holly has had a couple of busy days.  Indeed it is me who has a hard time keeping up with the daily events. I am recovering steadily each day, not nearly fast enough for me but nonetheless grateful for the rebound.  Holly’s intestinal issues again resolved as quick they started, lending the source to be either over-exercise or a pinecone diet.

Holly had her nails trimmed again, this time by DeeAnn.  The picture says it all.   There was little to no resistance, both due her being in a sleepy state and because she knew resisting DeeAnn’s mission was pointless.  I play with her paws daily, it is so fun to mush up those little paws that have a big feel to them.  She should be prepped for the monthly drill of nail clipping.   She also has her own toothbrush now and sits and waits her turn while I finish my routine.  It’s a test of my quickness to plant brush on teeth but she is loving working together with me on the task that gives her permission and me purpose to chew.

Georgette, Kristie and DeeAnn were all over for supper providing Holly opportunity to be the center of attention, again.  We’re able to put boots up and out of reach, but it’s harder to put slippers away.  Georgette’s nice warm wool slippers served as a Holly magnet during the evening.

Digging Out Day extended to a second day for me.  Pat, my most recent hero, cleared part of my yard yesterday and returned today with a smaller snowblower to finish the backyard.  Pat is an animal lover and also has dogs – brittany spaniels and a golden retriever.  Holly and he met yesterday, the start of their friendship. Then today, I parked Holly on a chair so she could watch Pat snowblow her runway out back.  Her gaze was glued on him, eyes following his path, and tail wagging non stop.   When snow removal was down to just a shovel, I let Holly out to help.  Now it was me parked in the window watching the two of them play in the snow and purely enjoying their time together.   At point of saying good-bye, I shared the School Day story and my challenges in bringing children into Holly’s life.   Pat offered a solution.  He was telling his kids about Holly last night and they made him promise to come home with pictures of the puppy.  He will have pictures,  and an invitation to come to the house to meet Holly on condition that they play with her.   It sure feels like a win-win all the way around.  I love it when solutions present themselves in a magical fashion and require little effort to make happen.