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Holly had another busy day with friends.  DeeAnn is taking care of Tess’ dachshund, Helen, for a short time.  Holly and Helen have only met at Tess’ condo and poor Helen has found that the wide open space of a larger home is a definite advantage to the relentless Holly.  Helen is far too polite with Holly, not one lip quiver or growl sound – she relies on avoidance and being rescued.  Holly’s excitement can be off the charts and she apparently still identifies as being 7 pounds, we have to watch carefully so she does not plant herself on top of Helen with too much force.   Rainie is a good distraction and mediator for the two of them. The three of them together gave Gracie plenty of afternoon entertainment.  She hung out in the room with us most of the time but kept herself above waist level for the majority of it.

We gave Helen a bath today which had Holly’s full attention and interest, until it was her turn.  Holly’s first bath!  She did fairly well. It helped that she still fit in the laundry sink downstairs which allowed both DeeAnn and I to surround her.  She had some skirmishness but for the most part she was cooperative.  After her towel rubdown, she had that ‘I feel good’ vibe and did a few zoomies through the house.  We knew she would need to go outside for a potty break (there was a lot of water slurping happening).  It was a nice day, but still chilly for a wet pup so DeeAnn took her upstairs and used the blow dryer to dry her off.  Another first experience!  Holly came downstairs fluffy and dry and wanting to go outside.   Her next bath will have to be in the bathtub, or maybe at PetSmart.  It won’t be her first bath anymore but it will be a first bath at…somewhere.  All of these ‘firsts’ add up to new experiences and greater confidence for Holly, and me.