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Today we loaded up the dogs and traveled down to Shoreview to attend DeeAnn’s great nephew, Bennett’s, birthday party.  Family gatherings are always well attended by DeeAnn’s family and today was no different.  It was a warm day with a fortunate breeze and a well placed tree for Holly & I to sit under.  Holly settled in nicely and watched all the activity, her head swiveling back and forth as her focus shifted.  She was a people magnet for both kids and adults.  Fortunately harnesses have strong & sturdy handles on them for me to hold snugly until Holly can settle herself down.  That actually is happening now and in a shorter period of time than prior.   However,  this was a child’s birthday party and I have no pictures of Holly with any of the kids namely because both my hands are busy with Holly management when they are nearby.

I took Holly for a walk around the park complex and she magically finds a tennis ball.  That was a prized possession until she came across a baseball.  She has never had a baseball before and it instantly became something extra special to her.  While the tennis ball would often get left behind and we would need to circle back for it, the baseball was never left behind and if it were on the ground, it would rest less than two inches from her mouth.  The baseball came home with her and has been initiated to her own ball field.  Despite the heat and humidity, Holly needed to get some pent up energy and ripped some zoomies once she was in her own backyard – with the baseball traveling with her or getting flipped in the air and quickly snatched for another lap.   And like all good ball players after playing hard on a hot day, she took a long tall drink of cold water from the garden hose.