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Opportunity arose for us to spend time with my cousin, Birdie, and her husband Steve.  They live in Georgia and are vacationing in northern Minnesota to escape the heat.   Holly, Helen and I took a drive up the northshore to Silver Bay and met them at a local coffee shop, Timbers.  We had hoped to have lunch together but the one restaurant in town closes on Mondays.

Birdie is daughter of Aunt Luva and Uncle George Wilson.  Luva was my father’s sister.  There is about 2 years difference in age between us.   Our most recent visit was at this year’s Family Reunion in June.  With the number of people at the reunion and all the activity, it is difficult to get a lengthy conversation going.  Having chance to spend  devoted time was an opportunity I did not want to miss.

Birdie & Steve are both dog people so the conversation migrated that way instantly.  They were greeted by two sniffing noses out of a backseat window, an instant sell for likability.  We visited in the coffee shop for a spell, then Birdie suggested we go outside to sit so the dogs could join us.  Her idea, not mine!  Holly was her out of control self for the initial 8 minutes, then settled in allowing for us to actually see her face and pet her head.  Helen landed on the park bench sitting next to Birdie, then spent time in Steve’s arms, then on the ground going back and forth between the two of them.   Conversation circled around the topics of family, weather, summer events and back to dogs!  I’m hoping their next trip to the northland (which sounds like could be regularly) allows for me to meet their dog and perhaps do some pet sitting for them.

The bond of family roots runs deep.  There is comfort alone in knowing you share family lineage, then finding that you have common ground and like interests really wraps a bow around it!   And Holly just keeps adding more and more special people to her world!