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Bomber, my college buddy, (which gives you a clue on how long we’ve been friends) was in town today and stopped for a visit, and to meet Holly!  Bomber and I were teammates for volleyball, basketball and softball.  Her nickname gives you an idea of the power she had!  Holly sensed right away that Bomber loved sports – first toy brought was a ball.  The rest is history.

During the morning it was a Three Dog Day at the house.  Rainie and Helen came to hang out with us for a bit.  Holly was quite smaller during Helen’s last visit.  Now that she is a 33 pounder that plays with reckless regard, we have to monitor her energy around Helen and sometimes with Rainie as well.   “Gentle” and “be nice” and “go slow” were common chants throughout the morning.  There seemed to be improvement towards the end of the morning.  I’m sure the whole drill will start itself over again at the next visit.  A work in progress, but it all leads to a big lumbering gentle giant Golden Retriever!