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I was fretting about how Holly would rest her injured leg yet have an engaged day.  I decided to take a trip with her to PetSmart early this morning and walk the aisles.  With a dog, cat and fish – there is always something to buy. I bemoaned the early morning trip ‘over the hill’ but as is so often the case, it turned into the best decision of the day.   Serendipity was alive and well in Holly’s world.  While we were fully focussed on dog toys, I looked up to see a lady with a young Golden Retriever pup watching us.  We exchanged greetings and complimented our dogs then began sharing more details.  To our amazement her dog, named Tag-A-Long (Tag for short), and Holly are littermates.  Same breeder, birthdate and parents.  Holly met her brother today!  Tag, a boy, was larger than Holly.  He was a loving and cuddly pup who approached her playfully.   Holly did her face-to-floor with butt-in-air maneuver, and peed.  She was very cautious around Tag, at one point sitting behind me and peeking at him from behind.   You can see in the picture she is a bit wide eyed about the encounter.  Tag looks sleepy and nonchalant.  Tag’s mom and I were more excited than the siblings over their chance meeting today.  Trips to PetSmart will always have wonderment about meeting up with them again, and the toy aisle will forever hold memories of the family reunion.

Later in the day, Holly and I hopped in the car and went to west Duluth to watch AJ play tennis, Rock Ridge vs Denfeld.  I finally found the tennis courts and was pleasantly surprised – the fenced in courts were surrounded by grassy knolls comfortable for people and dogs to gather as spectators.  Holly studied the tennis players and closely watched the tennis balls getting batted back and forth.  She finally had her opportunity to participate when a stray tennis ball landed on our side of the fence.  We (she) collected it and we (I) returned it with a toss over the fence.  That prompted some gracious and energetic ‘Thank you’s’ from the athletes, I think meant more for Holly than myself.  Judging by her tail wagging when hearing them speak, she apparently thought so too.   After the match, AJ came to chat with us which had her (and I) feeling special and happy we were there.

On the homefront, Holly has a bit of a dilemma.  For her entire life, she has pottied on top of snow (with exception to the floors in my house).  Today the last of the snow melted from my backyard.  She looks throughout the yard for any little patch of snow, not finding any.   She stands alongside the fence, admiring the snow in the neighbor’s yard, sometimes whimpering to go use it.  She’s had some productive outings on grass this evening but I am watching her. She seems confused and  I want to make certain she is not holding it for long periods.  Summers are short here, but that would be a long wait.

The leg seems to be used much like it was pre-injury.  Dare I say.