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 Holly & Helen have fallen into a spring routine that works for me.  This includes stopping at the door to wait for mud to get wiped off their feet!  The snow is gone but the yard is wet and soggy.  There is just no escaping dirty feet.  

Car rides, pup cups, cemetery walks, dog school and an occasional trip into Home Depot, PetSmart or PetCo have made the first half of the month go by quickly.  And include also going to a couple of AJ’s tennis matches which always brings a scratch on Holly’s head from some young person. 

Today was the day Holly may have been dreaming about since last October, as has DeeAnn.  Today included a trip to the cabin.  The dock and pontoon were put into the lake!   Even though the dogs had to be tied up during some of the dock/pontoon process, they still had their fun!  The first few stick tosses into the lake, Holly held back and stayed at chest height.  It took her awhile to figure out the swimming form she had mastered late last summer.  Once she did, she was in her heaven of swimming out after a stick, bringing it back to an eager Keltie waiting to take it from her – which triggered a game of chase.  Holly’s two favorite games rolled into one!

The return home had some very tired, happy and content girls.  Between Holly & Helen’s cabin trip and the DQ pupcup they shared, they are a pair of sleepy-eyed pups this evening – filled with dreams of what was and what is yet to come!  Summer does that to us here.