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There were some happy dogs when I turned onto Comstock Road!  They knew.  Finally the long wait was over.  Ruby was rocking back and forth from Holly going from window to window in the backseat.  Helen had a pattern going that may have contributed to some of the car movement.   I repeatedly threw out all the commands that come with cabin time – you guys have to ‘LISTEN’, and ‘COME’, and ‘STAY IN THE YARD’.  With the way they recalled the road, I doubt I had to refresh them on the rules but it gave me some reassurance.

Rainie and Keltie were at the cabin already.  The door could not open fast enough, once it did – the explosion happened.  Holly is out the door racing to her friends for their first game of chase at the cabin.  Through the mud & puddles, around the grounded dock, around the cabin and into the cold lake.  I grabbed Helen quick and snapped the lead on her, not sure if her frenzy for the lake would start the way it ended last year.  It did.  She ran directly toward the lake until the leash held her back.  It will be another summer of Helen being tethered to the dock when she swims, and swims and swims.   The dogs were all awesome, no extreme rule deviations and all the fun was pure and blissful. Holly did manage to steal DeeAnn’s glove but the end result was harmless.  No harm. No foul. 

The weather was chilly.  The grounds damp.  And the wind was biting. It was a short, but productive, visit.  The pontoon is ready for the lake.  The cabin is accessible.  And supplies are in the cabin.   More to do, always.   DeeAnn has her list ready.   And the dogs are following the rules.   Bring on the summer!!