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For northern Minnesota, we’ve enjoyed unseasonably warm weather this week.  With temperatures in the mid 50’s, how can one not go to the cabin!  There is one drawback, that being hunting season.  All property around the cabin is posted – NO HUNTING – a good reason to feel safe from the majority of hunters, but not all.  DeeAnn and the dogs took additional measures and dressed in red for our November day trip to the woods.  All came home unharmed!

The nice weather also brought about a play date with Roy!  Karen brought Roy by one morning and the dogs played and played!  There was a nice balance of chase, wrestling, tag, and tug.  Roy has grown to adult size and has about a 2 pound advantage on Holly now.  Both are strong and nimble.  They play hard and athletically.  During our 2 hour visit, they both took frequent rest breaks or would find other reasons to explore the yard just to take a little time out from the dashing and crashing.  I knew Holly was totally spent when she would crawl under my chair to rest, never for long then back out into the field of action.   Our photo shoot of the dogs provided us some chuckles.  Holly & Roy were synchronized in their expressions – one photo has them both smiling; another photo has them both smirking.  I can hear Holly whispering to Roy – ‘ok, on this one let’s put a smirk on our face.’  

Indoor games continue as well.  Gracie has grown fond of the back of the couch.  She spends time circling and pawing the cushion until it is just the way she wants it to be.   Holly is in tune to her efforts in creating the perfect bed and has to challenge Gracie on just how devoted she is to it.  I watched as Holly went through a chain of antics to get Gracie rattled enough to leave her spot.  Holly jumped on the couch, stuck her nose in Gracie’s face,  barked at her a few times, jumped off the couch and back on again, grabbed a ball and flipped it towards her and then messed with the couch cover and drug it towards the floor being careful not to let her nose get close to Gracie’s paws, specifically claws!   Gracie ignored the noise and dug in as hard as she could, determined to stay in the spot she had chosen to rest.   And that she did.  She persisted, and then took a nap with her own little smirk on her face!   Holly found Red Ball and took a nap as well. Game over, until next time!