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Today was a trip to the cabin, DeeAnn & I and the Fab Five Dogs.   All the dogs were so good about staying in the yard.  It would have been a perfectly relaxing day had it not been for an absent minded Mama Duck who for some reason thought it would be a fun field trip to bring all of her 10 babies up on the shoreline next to DeeAnn’s dock.  This create some havoc for a while, but let me just say – thank goodness dog life jackets have handles on them. 

Holly swam her heart out today and after a few minutes of courage building so did Helen.  In fact, I had trouble getting Helen to come out of the water.  Generally she runs up and down the shoreline running through water about belly deep.  Today she fournd her Sisu and thereafter she swam around and around, out and in beyond the end of the dock, then around and around some more. She was doing what the big dogs do!  DeeAnn & I surmised that Helen swam more today than she has in all of her 10 years of life. 

It doesn’t seem to matter if we are at the cabin for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hour stretches of time, there is always some sort of a breakthrough or lesson for one of us.  I think back to the trips to Grandma & Grandpa Brown’s cabin as a kid and realize the same was likely true for me back then.  A good dose of cabin gratitude happening this evening as Holly, Helen, Kooper & I all hang out quietly this evening, relaxed and fatigued from a fun filled day at Comstock Lake.  Especially little Helen!