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We were treated with Lana & Kooper staying overnight on Friday evening.  Holly was one happy girl having Kooper here for an extended stay, as was Helen who at one point crawled right over Lana’s lap so it could be her who was laying next Kooper on the couch.  DeeAnn, Rainie & Keltie joined us for some added fun.  We introduced Kooper to ‘the Field’ making for a bunch of excited, energetic and eager dogs.  Frisbees were flying in many directions and Holly was totally consumed with a baseball she found in the outfield.   Our morning in the park was successful in many ways – one being a quiet afternoon due to napping dogs.

Lana surprised us with a handmade gift for each of the dogs, a made-to-size scarf with a southwest cactus design.  Lana created the scarves in memory of Dar’s third year anniversary of passing.   It was a perfect tribute to her!   She would have been the center of attention for all our dogs.  When Dar was in the room, toys were ignored.   Dogs wanted her attention, and only her attention.  And she gave it to them!  These scarves can, and will,  be worn proudly.

When I leave the house, I spend time getting my boots and jacket on.  Holly & Helen are dancing around me in anticipation.  I let them out first, then follow with my keys in hand so I can lock the door.  This morning, it was routine as usual.  Once the door was locked, I turn to join the dogs in the yard.  My first glance is of Holly, parking herself in a perfect sitting position in the middle of the yard holding her yellow soccer ball in her mouth.  Nothing unusual about that.  But today was different.  The yellow soccer ball has a smiley face drawn on it.  Today Holly was holding the ball in her mouth with the smiley face staring straight at me in a perfect smile position.   I don’t think I could have had a more heartwarming start to my day.   What made it even more special was the expression on her face had a cocky look to it – as in, bet you didn’t think I could figure this out!  A ‘gotcha’ smirk.  It left me wondering – what are the odds of the smiley face being in perfect alignment versus what are the odds that Holly knew what she was doing?   Wonderment got me nowhere.  Someone, somehow had Holly bring a smile to my day that feels like it was about something more than a smile.  I’ll leave it at that!