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As a kid, I was aware of what night we would be opening gifts and would count the days.   I may have asked about it repeatedly, but I knew it was on a special night.  Our gifts were under the tree and were continously being arranged and rearranged by Lanny and myself.  Sometimes by size, sometimes by name, sometimes by whatever category we could come up with – anything to allow for us to handle the gift one more time.  The anticipation was a part of the thrill.

The dogs don’t have that sense of time.  Every gift exchange comes likes magic falling out of the sky and suddenly the room bursts with joy!   They are still a bit confused by wrapped gifts, going instead for the unwrapped toy and leaving the wrapped ones sit. Except for Helen.  She went for the anything that was wrapped, regardless of what size and which pile, including mine.   At first, we had each dog open their own gift but eventually lightened up and allowed their own fun of playing with the wrapped gift until the toy fell out, at which time the game changed to chase, tug or keep away.

The evening was filled with frenzy and yet a sense of calm.  The dogs embraced their new toys, yet shared.  They would grab one toy, but willingly relinquish it and go grab another.  What was important was the time to play with each other, not the object with which they played.   Shortly after DeeAnn, Rainie and Keltie left for the evening, Helen was curled on the couch sound asleep and Holly was stretched on the area rug also sound asleep, with a new ball gently resting in her mouth.  There they stayed for the rest of the evening.  I had to wake them up so I could get them upstairs to bed.   Joy, excitement,  sharing, friends and love – all bundled together provides warm contentment that allows for deep peaceful rest.   The life lessons these girls give us are endless.

Peace be with you.