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Merry Christmas!

Holly Dolly had her first Christmas in spirited fashion!  The weather placed us indoors most of the time but it certainly didn’t damper the fun.  Christmas Eve brought DeeAnn, Rainie, Keltie, Holly, Gracie and I together for a fine meal and a gift exchange that seemed endless.  Wrapping paper was flying everywhere and indeed seemed to be the favorite part of the night for Holly and Keltie.  Toys and treats were traded and shared, all with wagging tails.

Christmas Day brought just as much fun with Lana & Kooper coming down to celebrate.  Another meal and gift exchange!   More treats, a bonephone and an awesome titanium dog tag were just some of the gifts Kooper brought for his girl cousins.  

Love was shared. Fun was had.  And endless memories made.  Holly is a very tired girl tonight.  She is yipping and twitching as she sleeps soundly on the couch.  Likely recreating the glorious few days she has had and hoping to hold the joy in her heart for a very long time.