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Holly has successfully engaged people in a game of Fetch from the east side of the yard (Diane, Donna, John & grandkids), the west side (Dave, Joanie and Jessica) and today added the north side – the back alley.  I was puttzing in the kitchen and I heard Holly bark outside, the bark that means ‘Oh-No, my ball is under the fence’.  I go outside and see her at the back gate next to the alley with a swarm of bright yellow-vested street maintenance workers.  The alley was getting patched with tar and she had pushed the ball under the fence into their line of work enticing them to pick it up and throw it back into the yard.  Game On! 

By the time I got my shoes on and made my way down the sidewalk, there were four city workers hovered over the back gate reaching down to pet and play with Holly.  She was in the middle soaking up all the attention and holding the cherished ball in her mouth.  “It’s ok”, one said, “she’s good.  Her ball went under the fence and we got it for her.  Now she keeps pushing it under the fence to us”  I noticed there were four workers – 2 with shovels, 1 with the roller, and the other was the truck driver.  He had parked the truck and gotten out to join the fun.

I chatted with the crew while waiting for DeeAnn to pick Holly & I up, we were heading to the cabin for an afternoon of cabin chores, nice weather and dog fun.  I genuinely complimented the crew on the work they were doing.  My alley is often a pothole haven so their presence and efforts are sincerely appreciated.  It’s not often it gets on the city’s radar list and when it does the repairs are made to single potholes here-n-there, creating a patchy trail that is less bumpy but not smooth. Nonetheless, their efforts are appreciated.   I sent text to DeeAnn and told her about the fresh tar being laid down, best to pick Holly & I up in the front.  Later in the afternoon when we returned and parked in the alley, I had to chuckle and give Holly a big hug!  All along my fenceline extending to the garage the alley had been resurfaced in a smooth continuous stretch of firmly pressed black tar.  I could not have ordered it to be any more perfect.  

It seems Holly brings out the best in people.  And I think I will be buying Holly a brand new ball!