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Spring continues to have difficulty punching past winter this year.  Holly and I have been filling our days with mostly indoor play.  Having friends over and a little bit of outdoor play have been mixed in.   And then there is puppy class on Monday evening.

Rainie and Kooper were here for an afternoon.  Holly spend a portion of the time in the pantry pen, otherwise known as the puppy jail.  Lana, DeeAnn, Steve and I were working on Deb’s posterboard display and Holly isn’t good about sharing our attention.   There was time left over for play and fun.  Kooper was sporting a new jacket and playing the part of a tough dude.   Playing the part is exactly that because once again Holly was all over him in merciless fashion.  Kooper takes it all in so patiently.

I’m starting to do short spurts of yardwork, enough to give Holly some outdoor time.  I come back in when I get too cold so we are looking at an hour tops.  Yard art is coming out in phases.  Holly was intrigued with the colorful moose.  She kept her distance for awhile then slowly circled it and mustered up the courage to go sniff it’s butt!  That went well so she came to front end.  Moose didn’t make much of a playmate and Holly moved on to blowing leaves.

In the evening and early morning there have been deer in my neighbor’s yard.  The deer show no display of fear over Holly at all.  Holly however is scared to death.  I chat to the deer in a welcoming voice to show Holly they are not mean monsters.  That calmed her down somewhat.  Still after she had pottied, with eyes carefully watching the next door deer, she bolted to the porch – her safety spot. I don’t mind at all that she has a healthy respect for the deer.  For me, it is better than a charge and chase attitude.  Hoping she doesn’t take it that direction.

DeeAnn did another round of swingtime with Holly.  Holly comes running when she is asked if she wants to do wingy-wingy.  This game may not last too much longer or there may need to be an adapted version to it.

Gracie and Holly are making some gains in civility.  Gracie’s hissing is less intense and less often.  They are next to each other with less angst while visiting at the pictue window and/or at the water bowl.  There is hope. Just like spring, it will come!