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Even when retired, weekends go by fast and in the summer somehow even faster.   It feels so good to be enjoying time outside and having extended daylight to pack in all the fun and work that comes with the start of summer.   An added bonus for me is that by the end of the day Holly is a very tired pup.   There are nights where I am waking Holly up to go outside for her last potty break before bedtime, then to have her come in and see her take a long stare up the stairwell.  When she sees Helen shoot up the steps, she does muster the energy to follow.

This evening Holly had a pleasant surprise when Cole, grandson of neighbor Donna, was outside with his grandma.  They came to the fenceline to visit which turned into a game of fetch between Cole & Holly.  Cole will be entering 5th grade next year and already is an actor.  He’s in the play, Disney’s Newsies, soon to be showing at the NorShor Theatre and has a busy schedule for this commitment.   He will be staying with his grandparents for 10 days while his family is carrying on with their busy schedule that takes them out of town.  This means Holly, with a ball in her mouth,  will have a fixated stare towards Donna’s house for most of June – the 10 days Cole is here and another 7-10 days after he leaves.

The week-end also included a trip to the cabin for some fun and routine seasonal work which included putting the outdoor shower stall together. Holly only stole a few stakes and the hammer, otherwise left us alone to get our work done.  Holly has become quite the swimmer, as one would expect a Golden Retriever to be.  This is her second summer going to the cabin and she seems to be learning the boundaries and realizing there is plenty of fun to have when ‘staying in the yard’ – there is no reason to extend your limits further.  She still needs close monitoring to assure she remains close, especially when with Keltie – her partner in crime.   Last summer was about learning the rules, this summer is about learning to follow the rules that she has learned.