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It was Girls’ Week-end at Comstock Lake!  Kristie, Georgette, DeeAnn, Rainie, Keltie, Holly, Helen and I were all together for some cabin fun.  Holly and Keltie had their games of chase, tug and wrestling with still time for swimming.  Rainie mostly enjoys the lake.  And Helen is still in full drive swim mode.  If only the pet owner would burn the equal amount of calories that their dog does when in play mode at the cabin!  

We dodged a bullet when Holly & Keltie, doing a full throttle chase from the lake to the camper to the cabin, accidentally clipped Georgette, planting her (and the food on the platter) on the ground!  Our friend, ‘ice’ was called to duty right away and Georgette went home without any discomfort or limitation in the knee.  DeeAnn and I gave a big sign of relief on that one. 

Helen did her laps and once again swam her heart out!  Kristie is the swimmer in our group!  She spent time in the water and would step into Helen’s path if she looked as if she was going to wander outside of the limits.   Helen is wearing new accessories, which is bringing rave reviews!    Her diagnosis of iris atrophy prompted a doggle purchase.  DeeAnn has devised a way to keep them attached to her life jacket should she remove them while in the water.  Interestly enough, her goggles never came off when in the water.  We are convinced she finds them beneficial, in keeping both the sun and water from her eyes.  

Holly showed what seemed to be maternal instincts this week-end when in the water with an untethered Helen.  She swam close by Helen, showing a concerned look on her face.  She would swim with Helen when she ventured to the outer edges, playfully swinging around to return and coaxing Helen to do the same.  The two of them would nose bump each other in the water and spin off to swim some more. 

I’m starting to see Holly & Helen hanging out together more, snuggling in the morning & evenings and look for each other if they have been separated for a spell.  I’ve always felt having Helen in the house has been a nice addition for Holly as a companion.  I may be seeing the relationship growing for them both.  There is sincere concern for the other and an authentic joyful greeting upon reuniting.   I feel so fortunate to have these two sweet girls under my care, and now I get to add their sweet relationship to the list.  

A week-end with my dearest friends as well as all the sweetness seen in the dogs, makes for a full, rich and happy life!