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It’s been joked about how summer can feel like one long week-end.  That is what Holly and I have been experiencing.  There has been a string of activity, so much so that she wakes up ready and raring for the new day’s adventure expecting the day to be as fun and filled as the last.  

The cabin has become Holly’s heaven. She has begun to stretch her limits and wander more along the property’s edges and into the woods.  She still wears her long lead and is fairly good about returning within our sight when called. Nonetheless it makes my heart skip a bit faster when I don’t spot her right away. Her swimming skills have yet to flourish despite her strong desire to do so.  I think I saw her swim about 3 feet, then the quick turn around and back to stretching her toes to the bottom.  With the way she stretches herself out in the water, it’s no wonder her legs keep getting longer and longer! 

A week-end highlight was a trip to Virginia to Lana and Kooper’s house.  Kooper has his own little agility course in the backyard, complete with tunnel, jumps and weave poles.  Being in a new playground along with Rainie & Kooper was Holly’s version of Disneyworld.  She didn’t know which way to turn so turned in every which way possible.  Kooper loves (understatement) his tunnel, and Rainie went through with minimal encouragement.  Holly not so much.  Like swimming, it’s just a bit too scary for her yet.  With a lot of coaxing and the help of toys/treats, she did go inside a full body length.  Likely someday she, and we, will look back and  say remember when…

I missed getting a picture of Holly & Lana memorializing the main event that day, thus there is one of Lana & Kooper!   Too many pictures and too many combinations, with one getting missed.  Lana – with her devoted, caring, sensitive and committed soul – had her hair cut that day and donated 9 inches of hair towards making wigs for cancer patients.  It’s been nearly a 2 year commitment dedicated toward her aunt, Darlene, and dear friends Deb & Karen.  All three passed away due to cancer diagnoses within the past 1+ year.  She invited family to attend at the salon and witness the haircut.   I am proud of Lana, honored to be a part of the day, and grateful she’s my niece!  

Holly adores Lana as well and sees her as super woman!  Somehow Lana got Holly in a backside hold and hoisted her up.  Holly froze and just let herself hang there for a bit. (See picture)  It is a complete opposite reaction of what I get when I attempt a frontside hold. 

Holly and Gracie have shown signs of bonding and becoming attached to each other.  These are very short in duration but nonetheless the pendulum is shifting.  If I stay out of the fray, I will find them laying nearby each other, greeting each other gently and eating/drinking side by side at the feeding station.  If I get involved the game of chase and hissing begins.  Best I let them figure out their own relationship with each other and I focus on mine with each of them.  Another life lesson thanks to Holly and Gracie!