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September in Duluth has been wet and windy, but not without fun and family.  Cousin Birdie and her daugher, Reanna, were in Duluth enroute to Silver Bay – Birdie and Steve’s new home address for the summer months!   Both are dog lovers and owners and both adored a quick dog fix with Holly & Helen!   Next summer will allow for more of that and I know Holly & Helen are going to love it, as will I!

I’ve been trying to hold true to my plan in getting Holly more community outings now that her dog school sessions have ended.  She recognizes the parking lots of Home Depot, PetSmart and PetCo and shows her enthusiasm with pacing and panting in the backseat, as she does when I turn on to West 8th Street and park in front of DeeAnn’s house.   PetSmart’s visit this week had a bonus for Holly – kids!  Three kids approached us, with their Mom, and appropriately asked if they could pet my dog.  Holly was over the moon happy but did manage to collect herself enough to sit still with me and eventually with the kids as they pet her softly on her back and across her head.  The mother explained they had two big dogs at home and the kids are very familiar with dog energy.   This was when both Holly & I felt visiting retail stores in the community instead of dog school was a brilliant idea!  My only item purchased at PetSmart was a crinkly Halloween pumpkin (no stuffing inside) that was on sale for under $4.00.   Holly did a beautiful sit/stay at the check out counter and got another head pat and treat from the clerk.  We both left feeling like we had scored the best deal ever!

In a home, two dogs and a cat can leave a lot of hair behind.  I’ve decided to treat myself to a robo-vacuum in attempts to keep even with what is left behind.  During warmer days, the dogs are left outside while ‘Hazel’ (the robo-vacuum) does her magic.   With the wet and chillier September, I’ve had them inside.  So far, Hazel has received the respect she deserves.  Gracie finds a high spot and assumes a low profile while watching Hazel spiral through her pattern on the floor.  Helen generally tucks herself on the couch, keeping one watchful eye on the circular intruder.  Sometimes both Gracie & Helen make their way onto my lap, the safest safe spot of all.  Holly tries to entice Hazel to engage in a game of ball, keeping her distance in case Hazel should break into a game of chase instead.  Vacuuming has never been so entertaining!

Cabin season is winding down but we still make time to share some moments there.  Keltie & Holly run and run and run, with a little swimming in between.  Rainie  explores, with a little running and swimming.  Helen swims.  Pontoon rides are always a treat and seem to calm all the dogs down, sometimes lulling them to sleep.  With winter the pontoon rides and sadly the cabin trips are soon to end, though the dogs are clueless and show no melancholy in their day.   They just have fun with what came with the day they have today.   And in doing so, they remind me how important it is to enjoy the moment!  

As winter approaches – be like Holly!