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Holly & Helen & I have been busy with trips to Menard’s, Home Depot, Starbuck’s and the Dairy Queen.  Amongst those activities have been our daily walk at the cemetery, Forest Hills, and playdates with Keltie & Rainie.   Spring has sprung and the weather gives hints of summer occasionally.  

This afternoon brought a nice surprize with Daphne and Ivy, two grandchildren of the neighbor’s (Donna, John & Diane), choosing to visit and play with us in our yard!  Holly was in her heaven having two little girls in her backyard, both willing to throw a ball.  Helen was interested and watching closely.  I offered her a chance to go into the house and she simply turned away from me and walked back towards the kids.  

Daphne noticed Helen giving Holly a scowl when Holly bumped her throwing her off stride.  Daphne took this as meaning Helen doesn’t like Holly and when I mentioned they snuggle together she wanted proof!  It took me a bit but I was able to dig up a picture that she accepted as being proof of snuggling.   My first two were rejected as being side-by-side sitting, not snuggling.  Diane sent a text saying how much fun the kids had with Holly & Helen and that she was sure they would want to come over again sometime.  

My goal is to get a boatload of Holly & Helen snuggle pictures!