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It was two years ago today that Darlene passed away.  Time is such a warp machine I don’t even know how to describe the unreal feeling that it’s been forever and yet just yesterday.  Today DeeAnn, Lana, Adam, Steve and I gathered at The Other Place and enjoyed a good meal with conversation, much of it included memories of Dar and the good times shared with her.  Ironically our waitress’s name was Holly!

A day for Dar cannot be left without including Kooper and now Holly Dolly.  After our meal, Lana & Adam & Kooper came by the house for some backyard fun and some more visiting.  Holly was in heaven having her cousin, Kooper, around for a rousing play session.

Lana has a fun game where she picks up the dog, holding them securely and swaying back and forth singing Baby [Dog Name]. Kooper looks so relaxed, almost bored as in ‘here we go again’!  Holly is wide-eyed with a silly grin and a wagging tail.  The funny part comes after Holly is put back down on the floor.  If Lana approaches her with intent to pick her up again, Holly literally drops to the floor and makes like a sack of potatoes. It’s the goofiest thing to see.

Holly & Kooper scored tonight with each getting a corner to lick on the peanut butter board and each getting turns at playing a game of volleyball with me (using a small nerf soccer ball!)  Three consecutive volleys was our record.  No need to worry about the ball getting too far away, they both are on it, literally.  The ball would be brought directly back to me, dropped in my lap with them sitting at attention ready for another chance to bop the ball into the air – eyes focussed intently on the ball.

Today’s tribute to Dar was just how she would want it to be – friends, food, conversation, laughs and dogs playing in the house with all rules tossed out the window!   It’s no wonder we all loved her so much!